Where’s Harry?

Well, it’s official! Harry Potter is coming to Islands of Adventure. This is a great coup for Universal (Disney was also bidding for the rights) and is sure to make Universal fans very, very happy. It also could make Universal much, much more competitive against the Mouse in a few years.

You can get the official poop, or you can read press accounts here, here, and here.

By the way, I doubt the talk of a 2009 opening. Soft openings for a few attractions, shops, and restaurants, maybe. But I think Spring of 2010 is a more realistic date.

But what I want to know is where, exactly, is the “Wizarding World” going to be?

There is mention in the press reports that an employee parking lot and other support areas just outside the fence will be used. If you check out the satellite map courtesy of Google Maps, you will see that the most obvious access to this area is through the present Sinbad amphitheater.

My guess is that the designers will cut Lost Continent in two, leaving Mythos and Poseidon’s Fury as is. The rest would be turned over to Harry. Sinbad’s Village could easily be rethemed. Indeed, some of the stuff there now is already kinda Pottery.

Enchanted Oak Tavern is also in the wizard vein (Merlin), Flying Unicorn lends it self to Potter rethemeing (perhaps as that flying Ford Anglia?), and it seems to me that Dueling Dragons could be easily revamped as a quidditch game with the queue standing in for Hogwarts School.

I had originally speculated that the Sinbad Show would be reworked as a Harry Potter show (Harry, Ron and Hermione vs. Voldemort?), but now I’m starting to think that the amphitheater might be demolished to create an avenue into the new areas behind the fence. After all, so I tell myself, the amphitheater represents less of a capital investment than the DD roller coaster or Poseidons Fury.

As to what totally new attractions might be added, I haven’t a clue. The Harry Potter fan site, Muggle Guide, has some fun speculation as to what the new attractions might be.

Whether I am right (doubtful) or wrong (highly likely), playing this kind of guessing game will keep us all cheerfully occupied while we wait for the real Wizarding World of Harry Potter to take shape.

Anyone else want to hazard a guess?

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