When the Sun Sets at SeaWorld, the Fun Begins

Florida’s heat may be at its peak, but SeaWorld is taking advantage of the cooler summer nights to launch its all-new summertime adventures. The park will be open until 10 p.m. from June 18 to Aug. 14, and admission for adults will be reduced — adults will pay the kid’s price and get a second day free. Quite the contrast from Disney, which is raising its prices for the second time this year.

Shamu Rocks, Sea Lions Tonite and Reflections combine high energy rock ‘n roll, comedy and pyrotechnics to make it worth your while to stay up late.

Shamu Rocks plays on the new One Ocean show, melding the killer whales with a spectacular light show, water fountain display and rock music, while Sea Lions Tonite is a parody of One Ocean, featuring the frolicking sea lion duo. The evening comes to a spectacular climax with Reflections, a celebration of soaring fountains and dazzling fireworks.

Also available is the Summer Nights VIP Tour, seven hours of feeding dolphins, front-of-the-line access to popular rides including Manta and reserved seating for the night shows. The tour also includes travel to the islands and the Makahiki Luau dinner show.

So what does this cost? To the uninitiated scouring the web site, it’s difficult to determine just what the above experience costs. There is a one park option of $72 (well, $71.99) that’s billed as adults at kids prices and second visit free. There’s no mention of the cost for the VIP Tour. To decipher the pricing policies, visit the SeaWorld web site.

Be prepared to spend a bundle, even if the prices haven’t yet increased.



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