What Next for Worlds of Discovery?

Worlds of Discovery is the overall brand name Busch had given its ten theme parks well before InBev came a-courting. Now that the sale’s a done deal, of course, it remains to be seen if these worlds will be spun off (to use a scary galactic metaphor).

Theme parks are well down the list of concerns for the financial media that have been covering this story, so InBev hasn’t been grilled much on the topic. There are occasional hints, however. This from a Philly paper concerned about the fate of nearby Sesame Place.

Anheuser-Busch and Sesame Place officials would not speculate on the ultimate ownership of the amusement parks, whether InBev would keep them, or sell all or part to another operator. Last week, before the deal was struck, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted an InBev spokeswoman, Marianne Amssoms, as saying it was “too early in this process” for InBev to have decided.

The newspaper paraphrased Amssoms as saying InBev understood the theme parks’ contributions to the areas where they operate and would try to help preserve that role.

What to make of those tea leaves? Sounds like a non-commitment commitment to me.

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