Wekiva Marina Gets A New Lease On Life

Here’s some good news from one of my favorite spots in the Orlando area.

The Weinaugs are the new owners of the property known for more than 40 years as the Wekiva Marina, a well-known river spot that had fallen on hard times during the past decade. In 1999, the restaurant on the site burned to the ground; palms along the river are still black with fire damage. A bait shop had degenerated into a dive, and aging rental canoes were mottled with patches…

Friends of the Wekiva River Inc., a nonprofit river-preservation group, had part of its annual Wekiva Riverfest at Wekiva Island in early March.

Previous owners had refused to work with the organization, but the Weinaugs are “tree huggers like us,” Friends Secretary Leslie Long said.

Long, who said she remembers the “seedy bar” feel of the old marina, looks forward to the eco-friendly atmosphere of the new business.

Wekiva Island offers canoe and kayak rentals, sand volleyball and riverside cabanas. The Weinaugs also want to host small art festivals and open a small smoothie and ice-cream shop, though current zoning restrictions prohibit new construction in the area.

If you’ve never canoed the Wekiva, do yourself a favor and just do it!

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