Walt Disney World Raises Prices – Again

For the second time in less than a year, Walt Disney World (WDW) has raised admission prices, in some cases by over 10 percent.

A full list of Disney ticket-price increases:

•1-day: $82 to $85 (+3.7 percent)

•2-day: $162 to $168 (+3.7 percent)

•3-day: $224 to 232 (+3.6 percent)

•4-day: $232 to $243 (+4.7 percent)

•5-day: $237 to $251 (+5.9 percent)

•6-day: $242 to 259 (+7 percent)

•7-day: $247 to 267 (+8.1 percent)

•10-day: $262 to $291 (+11.1 percent)

•”Park hopper” or water-park admission added to a multi-day pass: $54 to $55 (+1.9 percent)

Annual-pass price increases:

•Premium (incl. water parks, etc.), non-resident: $629 to $649 (+3.2%)

•Regular, non-resident: $499 to $519 (+4%)

•Premium, Florida resident: $499 to $509 (+2%)

•Regular, Florida resident: $379 to $389 (+2.6%)

•Seasonal, Florida resident: $259 to $269 (+3.9%)

Apparently, Disney has decided that the recession is over and that it’s time to retire the discounting that helped keep attendance up during the downturn.

If history is any guide, we can look for price increases soon at SeaWorld and Universal.

Speaking of history, according to when the Magic Kingdom opened on Oct. 1, 1971, a single day’s basic admission cost $3.50 and children’s admission was $1. (Due to inflation the buying power in 2010 was $18.85.) However, admission tickets weren’t all inclusive: ride tickets ranged from 10 cents for “A” tickets to 90 cents for “E” tickets. An “11 adventure” book was also available. In addition a guided tour ticket, costing $6.50 for adults and  $3.75 for children, included a 3-1/2-hour walking tour as well as rides. Today’s cost? $70 for the Keys to the Kingdom tour; park admission is separate.

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