Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Pitched in Scary Commercial

For those who have been waiting with bated breath, Universal Studios, Orlando, has finally released official details of its Halloween Horror Nights via its Facebook page and its official website, where tickets can be purchased.

Billed as “Once You’re Inside, There is No Way Out,” the annual attraction features seven haunted houses, including two hosted by Alice Cooper and magicians Penn & Teller, two shows, and a “redefined street experience.” It opens Sept. 21 and runs until Oct. 31.

A just-released television commercial shows terrified guests being chased by monsters. The fear is palpable. Racheal Yates at speculates that they are the Legion of Horrors.

The Legion of Horrors is a type of roaming hoard system consisting of vampires, beasts, warriors, prisoners, and traditionals (whatever they are).

Tickets are available on the website above. There are lots of options, so be sure to do your homework.

And, bring along a good pair of running shoes!


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