Universal’s Blue Man Group Singin’ the Blues

Despite the fact that it was revamped and reopened just last February, the Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando may be axed, reports Micechat says that people are losing interest and sales are down despite its initial warm reception.

In its place, it’s rumored that a 30-minute stage version of Wicked may be planned. Convenient, since the props and sets are now living at Universal Orlando after Wicked completed its run at Universal Osaka park in 2010.

As always, it will take a while before Universal confirms the change, but in the meantime construction continues on the new Transformers attraction and the Simpsons vending booths are settling into their new locations.

Universal has also announced plans for its Christmas extravaganza, featuring the Macy’s Holiday Parade and Manheim Steamroller. Special holiday packages for lodging and park admission are available.

Universal has even announced plans for a special Mardi Gras celebration, which runs from Feb. 9 to April 30. Click here for details.

All this proves two things: (1) There’s always something new afoot, and (2) it’s never too early to plan a trip to Universal.

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