Universal Says “Don’t Visit Harry Potter — Yet”

Universal Orlando has been overwhelmed with the response to the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and is having trouble coping.

They’ve gone so far as to advise people to skip the attraction altogether … at least until after 3 pm when maybe, just maybe, the crowds will be a little thinner.

Hotel guests are still being admitted more than an hour before official park opening but because this perk is also being extended to people with certain ticket packages, even the early morning crowds are pretty overwhelming, with waits for Ollivander’s Wand Shop quickly stretching to an hour or more.

Here’s what the Sentinel had to say:

The crowd-control moves, many of which have an improvised quality to them, range from issuing rafflelike paper tickets to prevent people from cutting into the long queue that appears many mornings at the entrance to Wizarding World, to halting indefinitely the sale of liquor inside the Hog’s Head tavern so the bar can more quickly move mugs of butterbeer, the sugary concoction based on a popular drink in the Harry Potter books and movies.

The profits from butterbeer alone will probably pay for the construction of the Wizarding Worlds within months! The lines for this sugary drink (sorry, no alcohol) start big at opening and grow to immense as the crowd swells.

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