Universal Orlando: Home to Construction Cranes!

Attendance at Universal Orlando was up last year and judging by the construction activity, officials are doing everything they can to increase those numbers for the future.

Local 6 Theme World and Micechat/Orlando Parkhopper have photo spreads of the activity. Both bloggers commented on the large size of the buildings.

Ken Pilcher of Theme World shows photos of the huge Transformers building as well as a somewhat obscure shot of what may be a Simpsons miniland, and cranes within what’s expected to be Harry Potter’s London.

Micechat has more detailed photos of the Harry Potter expansion, along with lots of photos of the Transformers building, the Shrek and Donkey meet and greet, and Springfield, the Simpson’s miniland. He also shows photos from the annual refurbishment for Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls.

One can’t help but wonder if all the construction takes away from the the park’s attraction that are already in place.



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