Universal Announces Hike in Prices

Right on the heels of Disney, Universal Orlando has raised its admission prices. And as with Disney, it’s the second time within a year.

That means the cost of a one-day base ticket (excluding tax) is now $96 for adults and $90 for children; a one-day park-to-park ticket is $136 for adults and $130 for children, while a two-day base ticket is $155.99 for adults and $145.99 for children.

Per Universal corporates: ”We set our prices to reflect the value of the entertainment experience we provide. Our guests continue to tell us we offer great entertainment at great value. We offer a variety of value-driven, multi-day vacation packages for guests and their families with options as low as $49 per day. Throughout the year, we also provide special offers to Florida residents – including discounts on annual passes.”


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