‘Transformers: The Ride’ Construction Photos

Theme park bloggers are buzzing about the construction under way at the former Jaws/Amity site at Universal Studios.

Screamscape, Orlando Theme Park News, and Orlando Rocks agree that Transformers: The Ride is in progress. According to Screamscape, Universal is not expected to make an official announcement until January or February 2012, adding:

With such a tight timetable, they want to get to a point where the building is walled off, roofed, and all they have to focus on in the interior work and not have to worry about any possible weather related delays (ie: Hurricane, Tropical Storm, etc…) throwing a monkey wrench into the ultra right timetable. Once they hit a certain milestone, they can try to narrow down a general target date and make the big announcement.

Theme Park Ranger Dewayne Bevil has posted photos but he’s not saying yet whether Transformers is being built on the site.

Same at Orlando Theme Park News posted photos from behind the walls (“our usual point of view”) and behind the walls, “by taking a peek between the cracks and openings along the walls.” He was quick to say the team did not enter any restricted areas!

Construction aficionados can view additional photos on the OrlandoRocks site.

Everyone agrees, it’s going to be a very big building!



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