Tips for Universal

Wow! The Orlando Weekly’s Seth Kubersky, who blogs here, has some great suggestions about how Universal can “jump start the potential they’ve spent this decade dissipating.”

Explain express

Tourists grumble that Universal’s Express Plus pass costs cash, as opposed to Disney’s free Fastpass. If only they understood that Universal’s “skip the line” program is a much bigger time-saver that doesn’t destroy the experience for regular guests the way Fastpass has.

Plunder the peacock

What good is having NBC in the corporate family if you don’t exploit it? Meet-and-greets with Hiro and Sylar and Dunder-Mifflin “training seminars” would be a great start.

Go “boutique”

Discovery Cove–style intimate experiences are the future. Universal already has the best VIP tours in town — but what if you could be a Jaws skipper, a stunt actor or a Blue Man for a day?

And that’s just a sample. Read the whole thing.

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