Surprise! It’s Transformers at Universal Orlando

Although the news was somewhat anti-climactic, Universal Orlando dramatically announced its newest attraction, Transformers: The Ride 3D, scheduled to open in summer 2013.

The crowd cheered as the screen at Cinematic Spectacular burst forth with the warning, “Prepare to receive an incoming transmission.” Then Optimus Prime warned, “Humans you are in grave danger … but we can rise above evil.” It was all accompanied by fireworks and spouting fountains.

Transformers: The Ride – 3D opened in May 2012 at Universal Studios Hollywood and in December 2011 at Universal Studios Singapore. The ride in Florida will be the same as Hollywood and Singapore.

According to ABC news:

The attraction puts riders inside a 12-person vehicle designed to look like a nimble new Transformer named Evac, who goes on a breakneck chase from the headquarters of the top-secret NEST agency through city streets, across rooftops and even inside an office building on the hunt for a missing shard of the AllSpark, the powerful Transformers artifact.

The action is digitally projected on 14 screens among real-world sets that the ride vehicles move into and past, mixing computer-generated fantasy with reality.

Thanks to Behind the Thrills for posting the announcement on YouTube.

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