SeaWorld Prepares for New Rehab Facility, Welcomes Baby Dolphin

SeaWorld Orlando’s new Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility for wild dolphins and whales that wash ashore could open within weeks once it receives government approval. Its first resident is a 2-year-old once-stranded pilot whale, who is doing well.

The 40,000-gallon pool is capable of holding up to five bottlenose dolphins at once or one 13-foot pilot whale. To avoid the

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Vice President of Veterinary Services, Dr. Chris Dold, checks in on pilot whale 301 with a SeaWorld animal care specialist at SeaWorld Orlando’s new Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility. The 2-year-old, once-stranded, female whale is eating well and swimming around the pool – both great indicators of her progress and easy transition to her new surroundings.

spread of diseases, visitors to the complex will be completely isolated from SeaWorld’s captive populations. By law, animals recovering from there cannot be displayed in public.

The facility is under fire by some animal rights activists who believe this is a way for SeaWorld to add more whales and dolphins to its populations. SeaWorld officials maintain that the project is part of its long-standing commitment to conservation, research, rescue, and rehabilitation.

SeaWorld welcomed a new baby dolphin on July 26. The calf, which weighs 35 pounds and is 40 inches long, is nursing and bonding with its mom, Aerial, which indicate that it’s doing well; its gender is yet to be determined.

A dolphin calf was born July 26 at 9:36 a.m. at SeaWorld Orlando. Park guests can see the pair at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Nursery. In the nursery pregnant dolphins, new mothers, their calves and experienced moms live together.




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