SeaWorld On Sale

No, not that sale.

We’re not talking about selling the parks, but SeaWorld has announced a pretty substantial deal on hotel stays coupled with tickets.

Guests who book three nights at 19 nearby hotels get two additional nights free and free length of stay admission to SeaWorld and either Busch Gardens or Aquatica.

The Orlando Sentinel points out that the least expensive option, $561 for a family of 4, translates to $28.05 per person per day for room and park admission. That should leave Mom and Dad a few extra bucks to pay for beers, now that InBev has done away with the freebies.

Bookings need to be made by March 31 and are good through June 26.

Most of the hotels participating in the deal are reviewed in my new book, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove & Aquatica: Orlando’s Salute to the Seas.

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