SeaWorld Christmas Show: A Joyful Noise

Orlando Sentinel’s Theme Park Ranger Dewayne Bevil reviews this year’s Christmas offering by SeaWorld. Titled “O Wondrous Night — The Greatest Story Never Told,” the show retells the birth of Jesus as seen from the perspective of the animals of the nativity scene.

Bevil reports:

It’s like an ambitious Christmas pageant for a megachurch trying to get funky. It isn’t thoroughly solemn. The script makes reference to “Charlie’s Angels,” the donkey uses the oh-so-2001 phrase “epic fail,” and the innkeeper suggests that Mary and Joseph try “the Best Middle Eastern” hotel. 

The show features gospel singers, a morphing manger, a mulish donkey puppet, rolling bales of hay, live camels, a heavenly host of characters, and more. Bevil seemed particularly taken with the 14 white-robed “multitaskers.” And he was pleased that no existing attractions were cut to accommodate the show.

“If producers were going for joyful noise, they got it,” Bevil says.

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