Roller Coaster 101: Legoland Advises Parents

Legoland helps parents deal with kids' coaster fears.


Small tots in tears leaving a roller coaster is not an uncommon reaction. Parents often wonder how far to push a fearful child with coasters such a big part of the whole theme park experience.

Legoland is now providing parents with “Roller Coaster Readiness” tips in conjunction with a nationally recognized and award-winning author Dr. Susan Bartell.

Bartell says that parents should not dismiss their child’s fear, bribe him or her, or make comparisons to a sibling or friend since they may cause greater anxiety and/or resentment.

Bartells suggests that parents visit the Legoland website (or any theme park website, for that matter) to view the different attractions; once you arrive, review the park map, pointing out the attractions and inviting the child to choose; watch the ride and other children’s reactions before boarding, acknowledging that nervous is normal; remind the child that there is “next time,” if he or she expresses regret at not riding coaster.

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