Pirate-Theme Expansion Planned For Legoland Florida

Aarrrg, you say?

The Orlando Business Journal reports that Legoland Florida is adding new rides and games with a pirate’s theme next year.

“…it looks like the park will be adding up to three new attractions/rides and a few interactive areas, pirate-themed games and retail shops.”

Taking its cue from a similar attraction in Legoland California, the main draw is expected to be a water-based ride called Splash Battle. According to Rich Bilbao, guests ride on water-cannon equipped ships that sail through pirate-infested waters and shoot at pirates, other riders, or spectators.

There’s also Captain Cranky’s Challenge, which is described as a large pirate barge guest climb into that swats back and forth on a U-shaped track. And, there will be Swabbie’s Deck, a play area for children with water cannons and activities built in a pirate ship.

Legoland has made no official announcement, but Bilbao said his information was based documents he “came across.”

In case you haven’t checked out Legoland Florida, here’s a video overview.


By the way International Talk LIke a Pirate Day is coming up — it’s Sept. 19.


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