Orphan Crane Chick Thriving at SeaWorld Orlando

This orphaned sandhill crane chick was rescued and brought to SeaWorld Orlando. It will be released once it has grown feathers needed for flying.

The cuteness quotient at SeaWorld Orlando has just been amped up.

An orphan sandhill crane chick, the first of the year, was brought to SeaWorld’s aviculture team by a concerned resident; the babe was just three or four days old at the time.

The chick was deemed to be in perfect health after being examined by veterinarians. It was placed with a rescued adult to learn appropriate crane behaviors, then it will be released back into the wild. The adult will be released as well.

The pairing is getting along well despite the fact orphaned chicks may not be tolerated by unfamiliar adults. The chick is eating on its own and gaining weight, reports Eric Reece, SeaWorld’s Supervisor of Aviculture.

SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 11 cranes so far this year. The chick is the first

Chick and adopted mom.

sandhill crane they’ve taken in.


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