Orlando Weekly Reviews My Books

Orlando Weekly run some great reviews by Seth Kubersky of Universal Orlando and The Other Orlando.

Here’s a sample:

Lack of voice is not a problem in the vastly superior Universal Orlando 2007. Author Kelly Monaghan reviews the Mouse’s biggest rival with far more readable and useful results. The coverage is up-to-date, with detailed ride descriptions (sometimes too detailed; beware spoilers) and sharply insightful ratings.

The book’s real strength is Monaghan’s witty and literate writing, whether he’s waxing rhapsodic about Marvel Comics’ “profound effect on contemporary notions of the body beautiful” or describing E.T. as “rather like ‘It’s a Small World’ on acid.” Monaghan points out Universal’s absurdities — like the CityJazz club, which offers no jazz — while still making a strong case that it’s Orlando’s superior vacation destination.

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