Orlando Home to Food Truck Frenzy

They are restaurants on wheels, serving up every kind of food imaginable without the overhead associated with four walls and a piece of property.

The Orlando Food Truck Bazaar is a motley collection of trucks that make scheduled stops throughout Orlando, feeding hungry people pretty much anything they want, wherever the trucks happen to stop. The link lists scheduled stops and is updated regularly.

N.Y. Pizza on Wheels, one of the many participants in Orlando's Food Truck Bazaar.

There’s an endless selection of cuisine: Jamaican, Venezuelan, local-natural-organic, desserts, breakfast,  brick-fired pizza, English and French, Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Swedish, Brazilian, barbecue and gator, fish and sushi, Japanese and Asian fusion, Middle Eastern, Colombia, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai, vegan hot dogs and ice cream. There’s even Christian (is everything blessed?) and pet treats and ice cream. Plus more we haven’t listed!

They’re not two-bit operations. Many are run by chef/owners trained in the culinary arts. They’re social media savvy, in touch with their customers through Facebook, Twitter and websites.

Presentations are made locally on start-ups and there’s a video on the website. Described as “lean start-ups,” food trucks can serve as testing grounds for brick and mortar restaurants. It’s easier for them to test new concepts, menus and recipes, while interacting with their customers and receiving their feedback on a daily basis.

Of course, the warm Florida climate makes for a captive year-round client base. And they’re a great way for Orlando visitors to experience the area beyond the boundaries of the theme parks.


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