New Kiddie Rides at SeaWorld

According to the Sentinel, SeaWorld GM Jim Atchison is claiming that SeaWorld now has the “best children’s-themed area in town.”

Well, that’s debatable. And when asked for comment, Disney and Universal didn’t rise to the bait.

Still, the new additions to Shamu’s Happy Harbor sound like fun.

With the openings Thursday of the Sea Carousel, the Flying Fiddler drop ride and the Ocean Commotion rocking boat ride, Happy Harbor now features six children’s rides, two climbing structures, a music attraction and a water attraction. It’s all in an enclosed area with a single, easy-to-monitor exit, and relaxation space and amenities for parents.

At the end of 2005, Shamu’s Happy Harbor amounted to the climbing structures and water attractions. Last spring, SeaWorld walled off the area and added a children’s roller coaster, a spinning swing ride, and a teacup-style ride, plus a satellite first-aid station and a baby-care center.

Nice photos, too.

And, of course, consult my complete guide to SeaWorld.

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