New Food Selections at CityWalk?

Our man in Orlando, Seth Kubersky, forwarded us a post from about changes at City Walk.

Based on three new demolition/building permits posted in June, Pastamoré Market Café will likely be replaced by Woodfire Pizza, a new pizza restaurant; the Latin Quarter Restaurant may be replaced by a Mexican restaurant; and Starbucks may (or may not) be moved into Islands of Adventure to take advantage of crowds heading to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Specific plans for the space have not been stated.

And the following is reported by Screamscape:

I’m told that the Endangered Species Store is expected to close in the near future, and Starbuck and Ben & Jerry’s will move in to take over the lower level space. Pastamoré is expected to possibly move down into this area as well. Meanwhile the Latin Quarter is expected to undergo a change into a more Mexican format and there is talk of the Galaxy Bar reopening as some kind of high end snack bar featuring fancy hot dog creations.

For certain, there’s no shortage of places to eat at Universal Orlando.


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