New EcoPark Features Zipline Roller Coaster

Zipline attractions added to Florida EcoSafaris.

This is one Rattlesnake that’s not poisonous. Although it could prove to be scary!

It can be found at The EcoPark at St. Cloud’s Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area starting April 6.

Seth Kubersky, our man in Orlando, posted his experiences there in his Live Active Cultures column in Orlando Weekly magazine.

Billed as America’s first zipline roller coaster, the Rattlesnake is one of four new adventure attractions, along with the Peregrine Plunge, the longest single straightaway zipline in Florida; the Panther Pounce challenge tower; and the Swooping Crane extreme swing.

Kubersky describes the Rattlesnake as “an innovative serpentine steel structure that generates turns, drops and dips similar to those you’d encounter on an inverted roller coaster like Montu or Dragon Challenge (without the loops, of course).”

He adds:

Rattlesnake’s track appears deceptively short from a distance, but once you’re attached by a snug full-body harness, the intensity packed into its sinuous 1,000 feet becomes apparent. Ever seen that kids’ toy that features a bead that slides along a wiggly wire? This is your chance to find out what the bead feels like. The minute-long flight begins placidly, but by the time you hit the first curve, your feet are skimming inches from the trees and your throat is in your mouth. Each drop in the track is only a dozen or so feet, but you experience utter free-fall for a split second before your harness grabs hold and the intentionally flexible track bounces you back up like a bungee. I’ve experienced dozens of high-tech thrill rides, but never anything as terrifying as Rattlesnake’s double-dip finale, which threatens to plunge you into a murky pond (soon to be stocked with live gators) before swinging you screaming into the station.

Here’s a video of one brave soul on the Rattlesnake:

The new attractions join the Zipline Safari, a 2-1/2-hour, seven hipline, three skybridge attraction, and the Cypress Canopy Cycle, which allows you to pedal through forested wetlands.

Admission to EcoPark is $135 per person, age 10 and up. Various packages, including a Horseback Safari and Coach Safari, are available.

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