New Addition to Busch Gardens

Have you ever seen a baby aardvark? Now’s your chance!

Born at Busch Gardens March 5, the baby is the offspring of Izzy and Friz. He (or she) – the gender has yet to be

A baby aardvark was born recently at Busch Gardens.

determined – will weigh in at 120 pounds at 1 year. the newborn is being cared for by his mom and the animal care specialists are Busch Gardens. 

Izzy and Friz are quite the couple. They already have two “kids” – Zawadi, who is almost 2, and Adazee, who is almost 1.

The gestation period for aardvarks is seven months. They weigh about 4.4 pounds at birth.

Looks like they’ll be shopping for minivan.

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