More Details on Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Gringotts

Photo from Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has yet to announce an exact opening date for its new Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley (beyond this summer), but details continue to … err… leak.

This time it’s about the Escape from Gringotts, which is the signature ride of Diagon Alley. According to Universal, it promises to be like no attraction in the entire world.

The story line is centered around the last Harry Potter book where Harry, Ron and Hermione are searching the labyrinths for the Horcrux, which will be used to defeat Lord Voldemort. Muggles entering Gringotts Bank (where the realistic-looking goblins count the contents of their vault) engage in a magical battle between Harry and friends and many dangers, including a 60-foot fire-breathing Ukranian Ironbelly dragon on top of the bank. They’ll also come face to face with Bellatrix Lestrange.

It all happens in a span of 4 minutes, combining animatronics, special effects, 360-degree sets, digital animation, and 3-D projections.

Check out the photos from Orlando Business Journal and a detailed video.



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