Mixed review for "Crime and Punishment"

The Sentinel’s Elizabeth Maupin gives mixed marks to the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival’s production of “Crime and Punishment” by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus, based on the famous Dostoyevsky novel.

There is much to admire in the Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival’s production of Crime and Punishment, adapted by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus from Dostoevsky’s1866 novel. Director Jim Helsinger has used an arsenal of tricks gleaned from the Festival’s gothic-horror tales to lead his audience into the desperate world of the criminal.

Eric T. Haugen’s eerie lighting isolates Raskolnikov in a hell of his own making, an unsettling series of dreary rooms defined by Bob Phillips’ off-kilter walls. And Campbell and Columbus’ 90-minute adaptation boils down the 20 or more players in Dostoevsky’s vast book to three actors and three main characters.


Still, there’s something about this production that slows it down, a protracted quality that didn’t show up in the Festival’s staged reading a year ago.

Good notices for actors Beth Brown, Timothy Williams, and Dan McCleary, though. Sounds like a show worth seeing.

Check the Festival’s web site for details.

And don’t overlook all the other ways to experience the arts in Orlando.

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