Manta Coming to SeaWorld

The Coaster Critic has spilled the beans about the long-rumored new coaster that will be sort of a centerpiece at SeaWorld.

Located in a central area near the entrance mall, the new ride will be named “Manta” and will be a “flying coaster,” that is a steel coaster where you get strapped into a prone, face-down position, with the coaster tracks over your head.

The concept art posted at Coaster Critic makes it look like the wings of the manta ray themed ride vehicle will dip into water at at least one point, sending a wall of water over onlookers (shades of SheiKra!). There’s also talk of up-close animal encounters, although how they’ll manage that is anybody’s guess.

The artwork also makes it look like the ride will cover more ground than the current fenced off area would suggest. Looks like the track will extend over nearby parts of the park. But I wonder where exactly. Key West?

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