Legoland looking for 800 ‘model citizens’

Legoland is seeking 800 employees to fill various positions in time for its Oct. 15 opening. A total of 1,000 “responsible, kid-friendly” people are expected to staff Florida’s newest theme park in positions such as ride operators and line cooks.

“Customer service and a kid-focused approach are two key attributes we’re looking for in a Legoland Florida model citizen,” says Teresa Vaughn, human resources director. “We call our employees model citizens because that’s what we expect.”

According to a Polk Works official, Paula Bohnstedt, the unemployment rate in Polk County was 10.8 percent as of April. ” I truly believe Legoland Florida will be the catalyst we need to launch continuous growth and success in Polk County,” she said.

As of June 1, Florida raised its minimum wage by 6 cents an hour to $7.31, garnering a 40-hour-a-week worker an extra $128 a year. That increase came about from a lawsuit by four individuals and three groups representing low-wage employees, who claimed Florida’s Agency for Workforce Innovation violated the state constitution by keeping minimum wage at the $7.25 federal rate rather than raising it to account for inflation. Voters passed an amendment in 2004 that increases the state minimum wage with inflation. reports the following median hourly wages for theme park workers: lifeguard, $8.75; graphic artist/designer, $15.48; ride/amusement machine operator, $7.84; operations supervisor, $10; security officer, $9.95; cashier, $7.54; and sales clerk/cashier, $8.72.

An article on the Job Monkey web site regarding theme park employment emphasizes that while the jobs do pay minimum wage or a little more, there are opportunities for advancement and decent benefits and perks.

Because of the high number of jobs available at Legoland, prospective employees should apply on line.

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