Last Chance At Some Baseball History

Dodgertown, the Brooklyn L.A. Dodgers’ Spring Training camp, in Vero Beach is closing after this March season. The soulless hacks at the LA Times couldn’t be happier.

No, seriously. I don’t care.

I’ll happily quaff the shells and caramel corn all the way to Glendale, Ariz., where the Dodgers are moving at the end of spring, for good, forever, amen.

Other Californians showed at least some sense of history while still managing to say “good riddance.”

Dodgertown is a converted World War II Naval air station.

The conversion was not rushed. As late as the 1960s, players and staff, as well as reporters, resided in weathered barracks used by the Navy and earlier waves of Dodgers. It was not exactly living in luxury.

Not unless creaking floors, paper-thin walls and leaky roofs are your idea of luxury.

And don’t forget the bugs.

Moeller, a pitcher, remembers rooming with Dick Nen, an infielder from San Pedro High, and hoards of uninvited cockroaches.

But true baseball fans know that the move to Glendale ends a glorious chapter and obliterates a cherished piece of Americana.

Dem bums!

Read Alan Byrd’s vivid description of Dodgertown. Then plan your visit.

One last time.

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