KSC To Open Shuttle Blast-Off Simulator

Looks like Epcot’s Mission:SPACE won’t be Central Florida’s only “vomit comet.” Kennedy Space Center has announced plans to open a new attraction.

The attraction, called the Shuttle Launch Experience, is part of a 10-year development plan, according to information provided by the visitor complex, which also said that former astronauts helped design the attraction.
The ride is designed to recreate the sensation of blasting into earth’s orbit.

The space center is 45 minutes from Orlando. The Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau said the ride will have a motion platform, multiple video screens, special audio effects and special-effect seats.

Mission:SPACE has been associated with several deaths of riders that have been attributed to pre-existing heart conditions. That ride comes with copious pre-ride warning notices and motion sickness bags.

No word on how or if KSC hopes to avoid similar problems. The new ride will open Memorial Day weekend.

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