Get Ready for Jurassic World Redux at Universal

Now that Diagon Alley is firmly ensconced in Universal Orlando, attention is being turned to Jurassic Park ahead of the sequel planned for summer 2015.

According to Behind the Thrills, trailers for the film will be released during football games on Thanksgiving.

The new film picks up several years after the original film. InGen, which was destroyed, has become one of the many holdings of Masrani Global Corporation, which has rebuilt both it and Jurassic Park. There’s also a viral site where visitors can become interns at InGen.

Another trailer show dinosaurs running alongside a truck with guests and a bubble-type ride that seems to allow you to get up close and personal with Dino and friends.

Here’s a really short clip:

What does this mean for the Jurassic Park attractions at Universal Orlando? (There’s also a Jurassic Park ride at Universal Hollywood.)

When the Jurassic Park arch was removed a few months ago, there was speculation that a King Kong attraction with some dinosaurs would replace the land, or that it’s part of the rebranding of Jurassic World.

But then Erik poses the question: “How amazing for guests would it be to go see Jurassic World, the go to the park immediately after to see the theme park attractions in person?”

Stay tuned, he adds.


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