Jaws Bites…Again!

Hooray, Jaws is back and better than ever at Universal Orlando.

One of my favorite rides, Jaws has been closed more than open the last year. At least, they took the down time to do a complete refurbishment. Then, bowing to vociferous fan pressure, Universal brought the ride back full time.

There have been rumors that the ride was on the way out, but there are also indications that it will be around for a good long while.

Steven Smith, a former Universal employee and now operations manager at Baker Leisure Group, an Orlando-based theme park consulting firm, said the ride is unlikely to lose much relevance because the Jaws brand is an “evergreen” known worldwide.

He also said the ride is valuable to Universal because its capacity — reported at 2,500 people an hour — is phenomenal by thrill-ride standards. A typical major ride at most theme parks would do well to handle 1,800 people an hour, Smith said.

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