It’s Official! Transformers Ride 3D is Open

The new Transformers ride is open to rave reviews.

The publicity swirling around the new Transformers: the Ride–3D ride at Universal Studios, Orlando, has been so intense, it’s been hard to determine its exact opening date. It’s official and Transformers is now open though previews and soft openings have been in progress for a while now.

Heralded with “Prepare for Battle,” the ride takes guests, equipped with 3D glasses, on a mission to help the Autobots save the world from the Decepticons by keeping the AllSpark energy source away from them. According to ride creator Mike West, “It’s very intense and very immersive.” Loaded with computer-generated imagery and special effects, it all take place in just four white-knuckling minutes.Interviews with West can be viewed here and here (excuse the commercials!).

And here’s a promotional clip from Universal:

Eric Davis, of’s Orlando Park Hopper, reports on the grand opening with interviews of Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative, and Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron, as well as Bill Davis, president of Universal Orlando Resort, and Thomas S. Williams, Universal Parks and Resorts CEO.

Celebrities attending included Steven Spielberg who walked the red carpet with Optimus Prime. The festivities were punctuated by explosions, fireworks, military personnel and jets flying overhead. Davis provides lots of photos on his site. Check them out.

Finally, for those who just can’t wait, here’s a 4-1/2 minute video of the ride, courtesy of WDWInfo.


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