It’s Not Nice To Take Away Our Free Beer

A while back, I suggested that the demise of free beer at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens might spark a Bud boycott.

Well, it’s come to pass. Welcome to the Belgweiser Rebellion.

Their main gripe seems to be that Bud is now Belgium-owned, which seems pretty silly to me. But there is some evidence that what really set them off was the end of free beer at SeaWorld.

“Shamu just isn’t the same without a free beer!”

They continue:

We don’t believe an important symbol of America like Budweiser should have been pirated out from under America by Belgian Brewers, who as far as we can tell from Google Maps, are almost French. Yaaaaaaah!

Symbol of America, huh? A beer named after a town in Bohemia, which is now part of the Czech Republic, which as far as I can tell from Google maps makes it almost Polish?


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