It’s Never Too Early for Halloween Horror Nights

Summer is just underway, but  it’s never too early for Halloween.

So believes Universal Orlando Resort as it begins announcing plans for Halloween Horror Nights 23 with the theme “What evil has taken root?”

The first “house” is the Cabin in the Woods, based on the film in which five friends must team together to discover the truth behind their cabin and defend themselves against bloodthirsty zombies. 

A promo video clip follows an investigator through the woods. He discovers a backpack, then flees when he learns he’s being followed.

As is typical, Universal releases the details of the scary extravaganza in bits and pieces throughout the summer.

According to Ricky Brigante of

The social media element to Halloween Horror Nights 23 is strong this year, particularly on Facebook, home to a character who calls herself Goth Wackee furthering the story for those fans who are seriously interested in day-to-day happenings leading up to the event. (It’s possible that the mystery person in the video above is none other than Goth herself, who may even make appearances in the park at some point.)

The event runs from Sept. 20 to Nov. 2. General admission will be $91.99 and tickets are already on sale. A Frequent Fear Pass will also be available, which allows guest to gain access to an interactive game.


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