Is Universal Dissing J.K. Rowling?

Is it possible that Universal Orlando is biting the creative hand that feeds it?
Among the many “Easter eggs” (hidden tidbits to amuse the fanboy population) in the new Diagon Alley section of Universal Studios Florida is this album cover in the Record Shop window near the Leicester Square tube station, part of the London facade that masks Diagon Alley from mere muggles.

Informed sources speculate that the title, “Joe Sez No,” is a reference to the notoriously demanding J.K. Rowling, whose nickname is Jo.

Rowling reportedly has a contract with Universal that gives her unprecedented veto power over every aspect of the design and operation of the attractions based on her beloved creation and the scuttlebutt is that she hasn’t been shy about using it. Good for Jo, say I. One reason that the Harry Potter additions to Universal have been such an artistic success is the absolute fidelity to Rowling’s vision of her fictional world.

If my business success rested on keeping Ms. Rowling happy, I sure wouldn’t be inserting snarky editorial comments into any attraction anywhere in the park. For Universal’s sake, let’s hope that if Ms. Rowling is aware of the dig, she thinks it’s amusing.

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