IOA’s Soundtrack Is History

No, I don’t mean the actual music in the park, which is still there and still magical.

But the CD of the park soundtrack is no longer for sale at the gift shops. I spotted two “suits” in Islands of Adventure Trading Company during a recent visit and accosted them. (Actually, suits at Universal don’t wear suits, but you can spot them anyway — they’re over 35!)

They told me that the CD just wasn’t selling well. Smart merchandising practice maybe, but dumb move.

I can’t see any way Universal was losing money on this deal. After all, they’d already paid for the music and printing CDs is dirt cheap. They probabaly just weren’t making millions.

So what they decided to do was to squander a wonderful opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their most ardent fans, the ones who would have bought the CD to listen to at home and relive their IOA experience.

Maybe that’s why SeaWorld edged out IOA in attendance last year.

Universal Orlando needs more people in management who love theme parks as much as we do.

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