Howlin’ at Halloween Horror Nights with ‘American Werewolf’

The haunted house for the day is based on “An American Werewolf in London.” It’s based on the 1981 film written and directed by John Landis, who has been working with Universal’s creative team on the project.

Universal Orlando has been speeding up its media blitz for the 23rd annual Halloween Horror Nights, which begins Sept. 20.

According to Dewayne Bevil at the Orlando Sentinel:

The “American Werewolf” house will follow the film’s story line, in which a young man (played by David Naughton) survives an attack by a werewolf but eventually morphs into a bloodthirsty beast. Horror Nights guests will see key scenes and locales — a London tube station, an adult-movie theater, a nightmarish living room — re-created for the event.

Full-size, puppeteered wolves will be jumping out at guests and the signature howl of the wolves will be based the sound effects from the film. The make-up is also being replicated, which was originally created by Academy Award-winning Rick Baker.

Though the movie has a humorous side, the maze promises to be “intense and scary,” says Landis.

The event will run through Nov. 2.

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