Holy Land CEO Resigns

Well, I guess it wouldn’t really be the Holy Land without a little upheaval now and again.

Just two months after acquiring the religious theme park, The Holy Land Experience, new owner Trinity Broadcasting announced that CEO Thomas Powell, who had nursed the attractions through troubled financial times and was instrumental in negotiating the sale to Trinity, is resigning.

Powell, whose resignation was effective immediately, also relinquished his seat on the park’s board of directors.

Representatives for Trinity would not elaborate on the reasons for Powell’s departure.

But the world’s largest Christian television network, which took control of the nonprofit Holy Land in June, said it “recognizes and applauds Mr. Powell for all of his efforts and support for the Holy Land Experience.”

Powell “assisted and participated in the negotiations and transition of the Holy Land Experience to its current association with Trinity, which has ensured the success, growth and mission of the Holy Land Experience,” Trinity said. “Without Mr. Powell’s involvement, this transition and success could not have occurred.”

Powell could not be reached for comment.

Seems rather abrupt.

To read all about the park Powell is leaving, click here.

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