Harry Potter Film Set Opens as Attraction in London

The Harry Potter films have run their course, but the fascination with the series is being kept alive in London.

Artist's rendering of new Harry Potter attraction in London (from website).

“Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter” will open March 31, showcasing all the sets, props, and costumes from the eight Harry Potter movies. No hair-raising Forbidden Journey or Flight of the Hippogriff as found in Universal Orlando, but rather a study of the details that garnered legions of fans, all staged in a hangar-like studio where the movies were made.

Members of the media were treated to a sneak peak as reported in USA Today.

On view was the Great Hall from Hogwarts wizardry school, models for beasts and villains, Hermione’s Yule Ball evening gown and Dumbledore’s robes and office, sketches for the sets, commentary from the actors, and even Butterbeer.

There are no rides, but those so inclined can have their photos taken on a broomstick — for a price, of course.

Indeed, the cost of the attraction has been a topic of complaint. At around $131, it tops Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s cost at $85, which includes admission to all the Island of Adventure attractions. While its initial response seems to be good, only time will reveal its durability.

In contrast, WWHP in Universal Orlando appears to be expanding and rumors are flying about a Potter attraction at Universal Hollywood.

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