Halloween Horror Houses at Universal Keep Coming

Universal Studios is having a big Halloween Horror Nights push this week with the addition of Urban Legends: La Llorona, translated as “the weeping woman.” It’s dubbed #HHReveal Week.

This fourth house is based on a legend from South America in which a woman drowns her children to be with a man; when the relationship tanks, she kills herself, and now wanders around looking for her children so she can enter heaven.

This attraction was announced by Universal via Twitter.

Also revealed – on Universal’s Facebook page – is “After Death’s Vengeance,” yet another house that centers around Bobby “the Blade” Galletta descending into a horrific realm of suffering.

Other events announced for the 23rd annual fright-fest include houses Cabin in the Woods and Evil Dead, and a Walking Dead themed maze. The horror starts Sept. 20.



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