Going to Harry Potter? Go On a Diet First

There are more and more reports that “larger guests” (to use the preferred euphemism) are not able to fit into the ride restraints of the incredible new Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando.

Now if you think this means the morbidly obese and that you are not affected, think again. Many people who are not even considered particularly obese in our super-sized culture are finding themselves barred from riding. For most people in the can’t ride category the tummy seems to be the biggest onstacle. So if you have a proud beer belly, you may be out of luck.

And if you can ride the roller coasters and thus think you are not affected, think again. The roller coasters have expansion belts. Forbidden Journey does not.

Apologetic Universal Orlando ride attendants are telling those turned away that Universal is working to make the ride accessible to more “larger guests,” but who knows?

Best bet is to go on a diet and do plenty of sit ups. And lay off the butterbeer.

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