For Sale! Not For Sale! For Sale!

There was an amusing flurry of speculation about whether SeaWorld would announce its sale to … whoever at an employee briefing this morning.

SeaWorld execs’ disavowals couldn’t stop excited headlines like “Report: SeaWorld to tell employees it has been sold” even when the story said the official word was “No comment.”

Well the employee briefing that fueled the rumors has come and gone. And the real story?

SeaWorld Orlando would not say if it has a new owner at an employee meeting Wednesday.

Employees at a company communications briefing asked SeaWorld officials about a possible sale to the BlackStone Group which owns a 50 percent stake of Universal Orlando Resort.

Park officials, however, said they did not have informationon a final sale and refused to discuss the situation any further.

Calm down, everyone, and just enjoy Shamu.

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