Fishing hook removed from turtle at SeaWorld

SeaWorld senior veterinarian Lara Croft this week removed a 4-inch-long fishing hook from the throat of a sub-adult sea turtle weighing about 100 pounds.

The animal was rescued by Inwater Research Group on Feb. 26 at the intake canal at the St. Lucie Power Plant in St. Lucie, Fla. Officials report that the Loggerhead sea turtle is doing well and it is expected to be released back into its natural habitat once it has recovered.

It’s one of nine sea turtles rescued so far this year. All are intended to be released back into the wild.

The 4-inch fish hook was lodged in the turtle's throat.

The surgery was performed after X-rays and blood work procedures, and took just a couple of minutes as seen in the video.

You might say that the turtle is now off the hook.



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