Fewer People, Longer Lines at Universal. Huh?

So just how do you wind up with longer lines at a theme park when there are fewer people visiting, as there are now during the slo-o-o-w month of January?

By cutting down the number of available vehicles, that’s how.

Universal has been running only one side of rides with double tracks like Deuling Dragons, MIB, ET, the Simpsons, and the Mummy. Jaws is sending out fewer boats.

This saves Universal money on staff, but what is it costing them in good will?

A partial answer may be found in this long but interesting thread at the DISboards.

We didn’t even try the Simpsons because we could see how messed up it was just by looking. Express was better than being stuck in the standby lines, but not by much…especially not at MiB. It was horrible! If this keeps up, I may as well start going to WDW again because it’s a shorter drive and I’ll have to stand in lines anyway.

Guests abandoning USF for WDW because of the lines??? That’s an achievement the suits at Universal can’t be too proud of.

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