Ferris Wheel Will Take Tourism to New Heights

A 450-foot-high Ferris wheel may soon overlook International Drive in Orlando.

The Orange County Development Committee gave initial approval this week for construction of the $100 million Orlando Eye, which would be similar to the London Eye, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

Unlike many carnival-based Ferris wheels, a ride here will last 30 minutes, giving those aboard a bird’s eye view of Orlando County. The expected cost would be $15.

Developers expect the Orlando Eye to be completed within two years. Construction should start in January on the site of an abandoned plaza. They said the project would bring in 1,500 jobs.

A series of renderings can be seen on the WFTV website. WFTV also learned that restaurants, two hotels, a wax museum and an aquarium will be eventually included on the site.



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