Entertainment Card Changes at Resort Hotels

Seem like getting a good deal at the resort hotels using the Entertainment Card is not a slam dunk.

An alert reader reported the following:

We called the Royal Pacific Resort (407-503-3000) hotel and they said they have no arrangement with the
Entertainment Card. We then called the Entertainment Card organization (888-231-7283) and they said their books only have discount coupons for park admission and spending points/dollars in the parks but they referred us to another part of their company at 800-504-6835. We called and were told that their is no discount available but that if we made our reservations through them, we would get discount coupons available at area attractions and businesses and would be guarenteed the best rate if we learned of a price lower than the rack rate.

I contacted Loews and a spokesperson responded:

In 2005 we participated differently, by referring members to book via the card’s on-line system. The program became paperless last year, hindering our ability to verify membership validity. If an entertainment card member logs onto their member website, they can make reservations for participating hotels. This web [site] links the booking through and then to us.

So it would seem that it is still possible to get some sort of Entertainment Card deal, but that doesn’t explain the runaround the reader reported. Hmmm.

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