Discovery Cove Gets Even Better

Omisgosh! Somebody stop me!

Discovery Cove has announded a new Trainer For A Day program that’s going to be mighty hard to resist. In additoon to the usual stuff you might expect with something like this — touring the facility, helping out the real trainers, feeding the dolphins, this one adds some bells and whistles that up the ante considerably over what has been offered in the past.

In additon to the “normal” dolphin encounter for which the park is known, participants in the Trainer For A Day program will experience an “advanced interaction” and get a photo shoot with two, count ‘em, two dolphins.

And what might that advanced interaction be?

According to Discovery Cove sources, it will be “the ride of a lifetime — a breathtaking trip through the water, riding on the front of two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This deep-water interaction, known as a double-foot push, is the highlight of the new program.”

“Highlight” doesn’t come close to describing it, if you ask me.

The messy details: Pricing starts at $459 per person (plus tax) and will rise with the seasons. Just 24 people per day (book early!) and participants must be at least six years old and in good physical condition. Those under 13 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Read my in-depth description of Discovery Cove, then book by calling 877-4-DISCOVERY.

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