Dining at Universal: Simpson’s Style

Photo from Orlando Park Hopper/

Can’t say we’re huge Simpson’s fans, but many people are, judging by the duration of the television show and the lengths Universal is going to create its new Simpson-themed food attractions.

Springfield USA offers new custom dining options and rest room facilities. According to Eric Davis of, there’s “an incredibly diverse menu of offerings unseen at Universal Orlando before now.”

In Springfield Food Court, there’s Cleutus’ Chicken Shack serving the likes of a Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, Double Batter Chicken Platter, Double Batter Chicken Platter, as well as chicken arms and thumbs.

The Frying Dutchman carries Homer-endorsed offerings such as Basket o’ Bait, Battered and Pattered Fish, Clam Chowd-arr, and Baskets o’ Calimari and Shrimp.

Kristy Burgers carries, well, Krusty burgers (with variations) along with the Ribwich, Sideshow Bob Foot Long and the Heat Lamp Dog.

Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror looks as if it’s a bit more health conscious with the likes of Caesar salad, Mediterranean salad, veggie sandwich, hummus, wraps and fruit plate. Our arteries thank you!

And then there’s Luigi’s, which carries meat, cheese, and vegetarian pies. Moe’s Tavern brings to life the drinks found in the show, including Duff beer, specially made for Universal, cherry-flavored Buzz Cola, and the faming Moe, a smoking orange-flavored concoction. Water, anyone?

Construction is underway on Duff Gardens, which features the spinner ride, Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl (appropriate after all that food…). It’s expected to be open by July 4.



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